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Confused by the different brand options of hook and loop cable ties?  Looking to purchase, distribute or retail hook and loop cable ties?  Here's a brief overview of two of the more popular lines, including:

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VELCRO® Brand Fasteners:   

Aren’t all hook and loop ties called “velcro”?  Aren’t they all the same?  What’s in a brand name?
While you may be accustomed to referring to all hook and loop fasteners as ‘velcro’, the proper way to call out this category of fastener is, ‘hook and loop,’ followed by a qualifier, for example “hook and loop cable ties” or “hook and loop, back-to-back, tape”.  However, not all hook and loop fasteners are the same and customers are becoming more discerning on the differences among brands and fastener construction.  This webpage or the downloadable whitepaper should help answer some of those questions.

Not all hook and loop ties are the same and there is peace-of-mind that comes with a brand name.  VELCRO® ONE-WRAP®, TEXACRO®, VELSTRETCH® and VELSTRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro Industries B.V.. VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® cable ties are made using a patented process (see explanation below) making them not only one the most well known brands but also among the highest quality straps on the market. Contact us today for pricing or assistance with Pricing, Distributing or Retailing.

SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners:

Developed in 1994 by Speedtech International Incorporated, located in Racine, Wisconsin, the Speedwrap® Brand of fasteners has become not only a top selling line of hook and loop ties, rolls and tapes but is also considered among the highest quality fastener lines in the industry. 

The Speedwrap® Brand line of hook and loop fasteners includes different options designed for a wide array of end users, applications, distributors, retailers and price targets.  The Speedwrap® industrial grade fastener option is actually made from ULTRA-MATE® Brand material.  This patented material is made without the use of adhesives so that the finished tie or tape will not delaminate over time. Having a tie that will not delaminate is ideal for harsh environments including some outdoor applications.  The finished result is a hook & loop re-closable tie, tape and fastener that is substantially different in construction compared to adhesive mated hook and loop materials (where the hook substrate is married to the loop substrate with adhesives). 

Speedwrap® cable ties have earned a reputation as one of the highest quality hook and loop ties available.  The Speedwrap® line is carried by leading and National MRO (maintenance, repair, operation), datacommunication, telecomunication, electrical, recreation and packaging distributors, as well as being sold at retail.

Comparing VELCRO® Brand & SPEEDWRAP® Brand Cable Ties:

Because the line of industrial grade SPEEDWRAP® cable ties are also made from Velcro USA's ULTRA-MATE® material, both the Speedwrap® and the ONE-WRAP® Brand Hook and Loop ties feature a non-adhesively mated, back-to-back construction.  Material is where the similarities end and the cable tie’s shape, design and packaging are where the two brand ties differ. 

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® wire ties are typically manufactured and sold end-to-end, on reels. Speedwrap® cable ties are offered stacked or nested in bags.  Because the Speedwrap® bagging configuration is similar to that of standard nylon cable ties, Speedwrap® wire ties and straps are popular among traditional cable tie users including installers and electricians

Some retailers prefer bagged cable ties because they are easy to merchandise, the ties stay clean and because bagged cable ties is a format many consumers are familiar with.  Some retailers prefer to sell hook and loop ties in reeled form so that customers can purchase the ties individually.  For these retailers, both Velcro USA and Speedtech offer ties on reels. Speedtech’s cable ties are sold under various brand names, featured in the electrical isle at leading hardware and home centers as well as at marine supply, music, audio and video and other retailers.  To learn more about selling Speedwrap® brand fasteners, contact Speedtech today.

Shape & design is another difference between the VELCRO® and Speedwrap® brand hook and loop straps.  Because VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® wire ties are typically sold end-to-end, on a reel, there is a cut-out on the head of the ties.  This cutout allows the ties to be pulled apart from one another, off the reel.  Additionally, the tip of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP®  tie is narrower than the Speedwrap® tie design.  Lastly, Speedwrap® ties feature a larger head with 50% more material (on either side of the cinch slot).  Some customers select the Speedwrap® brand of cable ties due to that added material included in the tie design and because, generally speaking, the more hook and loop material overlapping and in contact with itself, the more hooks that are engaging in loops for a more secure hold.

Which brand of hook and loop tie is better for you?

Ultimately, customers should put hook and loop ties to the test and in their applications.  Is the tie easy to use and reuse in your application?  Is the tie of the tensile strength you need and does it have the right peal and shear properties?   Do you need ties in bagged form, want to sell or use an industrial grade tie and want a leading brand? Both Speedwrap® and VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP®  fasteners are offered with different options to address these considerations. 

Steve Pope, Speedtech’s Vice President of Marketing offers the following advice. “Hook and loop materials and fastener construction vary greatly among domestic and off-shore suppliers.  Often it is not easy to discern whether you are dealing with a manufacturer or a distributor?  If you have a important application or you want to offer true industrial grade hook and loop product solutions to your customers, it’s worth putting in the time to find the ‘right’ supplier.” 

In terms of quality, Speedwrap® and VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable ties are at the top of the quality bar. The list industrial users and resellers of these brands serve as a testament to the hook and loop cable tie construction, manufacturing consistency and overall quality.  If you want to use your ties by pulling them off of a reel or want to offer your customers the VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, then VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties are for you.  If you or your customers prefer using ties from a bag, you want to use or sell only industrial grade ties or you prefer the Speedwrap® brand, then the Speedwrap® brand cable tie is for you. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But rest assured! No matter the decision you make, you will be receiving a product that is both industry leading, and defining. The differences among them are purely situational, no option is of lower quality than the other. If you are still having trouble deciding between them, contact our expert Vel-Perts and they can help guide you through your decision.

Contact us today for pricing or assistance with Pricing, Distributing or Retailing hook and loop cable ties.





VELCRO® and ONE-WRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro Industries B.V.
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