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VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Ties

VELCRO® Brand One Wrap Ties Summary

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable TiesAfter 15 years- the Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech know Velcro® branded products! 
VELCRO® Brand one wrap ties are made from the a unique & patented raw material.  One wrap ties feature a slightly different design than Speedwrap's® (head and strap) and are typically sold, end-to-end, on a reel. Speedwrap's® ties are are sold 'nested' (side-by-side) and in bags. 
Velcro® Branded one wrap ties are frequently used in MRO, Automotive, Recreation, Telecommunications, Construction and Medical and many other applications. The quality material works well in these industries because their is no adhesive keeping the hook and loop together. The lack of glue prevents failing in and ensures that the one wrap tie will perform the task required of it.
What brand hook and loop tie should you buy or sell?
Equivalent to Speedwrap® Industrial Grade Ties, learn more.


Part # Size  Straps/Roll
V .75 x 5 3/4" X 5"  1440
V .75 x 6 3/4" X 6"  1200
V .75 x 8 3/4" X 8"  900
V .75 x 12 3/4" X 12"  600
V .75 x 18 3/4" X 18"  400
V 1 x 8 1" X 8"  675
V 1 x 12 1" x 12" 450
V 1.75 x 24 1 3/4" x 24" 230
Also Available on 75 Piece Rolls. Call for more  information
** NOTE: Dimensions Approximate and for reference only.
Colors Available:Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange. Call for other color requests: minimums may apply.

Detailed One Wrap Ties Information

The one wrap ties are fabricated from a patented material that has hook on one side and loop on the other.  The uniqueness to the material is that the hook and loop surfaces are laminated without the use of adhesives!  The end result is dramatically different from competing materials that are made by adhesive mating a hook substrate to a loop substrate. The difference is that over time, adhesives fail. They lose their binding qualities and eventually will fail in the job required of it to do.

Chris Karnowski, President of Speedtech International, a Vel-Pert™ explains, “The hook and loop are married together during the same process so in essence they are the same substrate, as opposed to being a hook substrate being mated to a loop substrate.  Its stands to reason that by eliminating the matting of two separate materials the end result will have one less area to fail.” 

Why is the topic of adhesives such a ‘sticking’ point?
Because it is manufactured without the use of adhesives, many customers feel one wrap ties are better suited for industrial grade applications.  These 'believers' feel the one wrap ties to be superior to other back-to-back ties because this type of material does not de-laminate over time under adverse environmental conditions. De-lamination is when the hook surface pulls apart from the loop section. Learn more about the history of VELCRO®.

For customers that require industrial quality and when longevity is crucial for their application, Speedtech International recommends Speedwrap® hook and loop ties and straps and Velcro® Brand one wrap ties.  Learn more about industrial grade VELCRO®.

Don't see the exact width or length Tape you need?  We can customize it!




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