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VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Quik-Ties

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Quik-Ties
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Cable Strap Quick-Ties

No one knows VELCRO® Brand cable strap products like the Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech!
VELCRO®  Brand Quik-Ties are similar in function and purpose to standard SPEEDWRAP® and ONE-WRAP® cable strap ties, but Quik-Ties are made from a lower-profile and more economical raw material. 
The Quik-Tie cable strap is typically sold end-to-end, on reels.
This cable strap is commonly referred to as QT- Ties.  Equivalent to Speedwrap® Economy Ties.
This low-profile cable strap is a perfect fit in small clearance areas. Their main purpose however, is to provide a similar function to the industrial strength alternative, but typically at a lower price point. This cable strap may not have the industrial strength that some other cable tie options ahve, but they are strong enough for most home and business applications. They have a lower price, and are perfect for most applications.
  • Available in a variety of cable strap sizes and colors
  • Custom printing available

 What brand hook and loop cable strap or tie is best for me to use or sell?

Part # Size Straps/roll
VQT .75 x 5 3/4" X 5"  180
VQT .75 x 6 3/4" X 6"  150
VQT .75 x 8 3/4" X 8"  112
VQT .75 x 12  3/4" X 12"  75
VQT 1 x 8 1" X 8"  112
V 1 x 12 1" x 12" 450
Colors: Black and White
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** NOTE: Dimensions Approximate and for reference only.

Comprehensive Quik-Tie Cable Strap Information:

VELCRO®  Brand Quik-Ties are made from a low-profile material that typically costs less than their industrial strength counterpart. These low profile cable strap is surprisingly strong in shear strength and have an easy peal value. When pricing is the driving factor for selecting a hook and loop cable strap, Speedtech recommends the Speedwrap® Economy Ties or the VELCRO® branded Quik-Ties. 

The Quik-Tie cable strap is typically sold, end-to-end and on reels. Customers pull one strap off from the next one on the reel by pulling down and snapping it off. Some customers prefer their hook and loop straps nested in a bag, where the straps are laid flat, side-by-side. This type of packaging is more consistent with the nylon cable strap. If you prefer this type of packaging and tie delivery, consider the Speedwrap® Economy Ties.

The product is offered in several standard sizes and colors however you are welcome to contact us with any special requests.  Remember no one knows VELCRO® Brand products like the Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech!

Commonly referred to as QT- Ties.  Equivalent to Speedwrap® Economy Ties.
  • Custom printing available

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