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Adhesive Backed, Hook & Loop Tapes

adhesive velcro
Adhesive backed (otherwise known as Pressure sensitive to 'sticky back') Tapes are popular because of the ease of application. Simply remove the release liner and press tape in place. However, pressure sensitive adhesives can creep under constant stress or dead load.

A general rule of thumb is the greater the tack, the faster the creep; the lower the tack, the better the load-bearing characteristics. Pressure sensitive adhesive products should always be considered semi-permanent bonds, and tested prior to use.

Products For Sale:

Adhesive- Backed Tape

sticky back velcro tape
  • Rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive formulated especially for low energy plastics and substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylenes. Available for Hook #88 and Loop #1000.
  • Water based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for high temperature performance and superior bond strength, for uses in Automotive, Computer, Medical and other markets.
  • Many other styles and custom widths and lengths upon request

Pressure Sensitive Kiss-Cut Fastener


Kiss-Cut on the roll will help speed production while keeping pieces neatly on a roll. Hook and Loop material is mated, with the Loop material on top, so each roll has the two sides needed to form a secure closure. Available in Adhesive 72 and Adhesive 15.


Call for other options, pricing and availability.

Pressure Sensitive Coins / Dots

velcro coins and dots
  • Pre-cut, circular Hook and Loop.
  • Rounded corners for easy assembly.
  • Variety of backings available to meet specific requirements.
  • Standard colors available: Black and White. Call for other colors.  
Pressure Sensitive Coins / Dots- MULTIPLE ACROSS
Coins are placed multiple across on one strip. This is just a different put-up/ configuration from our standard coin offering. Call for quotation.


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