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Sew-On Loop

  • Sew-On LoopSpeedwrap® alternatives to Velcro® brand: call for availability, pricing and more information.
  • Velcro® Loop #1000 - A napped tape used in most standard closure applications with both Hook #65 and #88.
  • Velcro® Loop #2000 - An un-napped loop tape with a greater cycle life and less peel resistance than Loop #1000. Typically used where closure is to be effected around a radius (such as a strapping application).
  • Texacro® #71 – When engaged with Hook 70, it provides a durable and dependable closure system. 
  • Velcro® #3001, #3200, #3610, #3800, #3950 – knit nylon loop tapes have been designed for use in a wide range of applications from disposable products to high strength fabricated straps. Call for pricing and availability.


Sew-On velcro Loop

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