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Hook and Loop: A Brief Summary

Hook & Loop products

•    Hook and loop and the term ‘velcro’ are used interchangeably when referring to hook and loop material and the products fabricated from them.  However, Velcro is actually a trademark, therefore the proper term to use is ‘”hook and loop.”
•    The Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech are here to help guide you through hook and loop materials as well as hook and loop products.
•    Hook & loop materials feature tiny hooks on the surface or with tiny loops on the surface.  When matted together the hooks engaged the loops for a closure.  Depending on the types of hooks and loops used in the construction of the material, the end product has varying shear and peal strength, weather resistance, burn ratings and other properties. 
hook and loop products fabricated from hook & loop materials vary in shape, size and design and have different applications.
o    The most popular hook and loop products are rolls & reels of hook and loop tape, cinching straps, cable ties and reusable straps.   The most popular brands include Velcro ONE-WRAP® and Speedtech’s Speedwrap®.
•    Hook & loop tapes are rolls or reels of hook or loop, or hook and loop, that can be cut-to-length and used in a variety of different applications.  These tapes can be used to organize items, mount objects to various surfaces or to fasten surfaces together.

There are three top  tape categories:

1.    adhesive- backed (sticky back) tape.
2.    sew-on tape
3.   back-to-back tape

Expert Advice: We are here to help you navigate through the different brand, product and material options, including:
Speedwrap® line of hook & loop cable management products,
o    The new Speedwrap® Economy Tape material
Velcro’s ONE-WRAP®

Hook and Loop: Complete Information


The term “velcro” is often used interchangeably with the term hook & loop. Hook and loop consists of two components: a "hook" side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny hooks, and a "loop" side, which is covered with even smaller and "hairier" loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and hold the pieces together.When the layers are separated, the strips make a characteristic "ripping" sound.

Hook and loop fasteners can be made of many things and the first sample was made of cotton, which proved to be impractical whereas today the fasteners are commonly made from nylon, polyester and even metal.

Hook loop product categories:

There are several product categories of ‘hook and loop’ material including sticky back tape, sew on tape, back-to-back and the new Speedwrap economy material

Within these categories there are more options for how these materials can be fabricated into finished form. The following are just a few of the hook & loop categories.

·         Adhesive backed, hook and loop is often referred to as sticky back tape and is one of the most popular forms of hook and loop. This tape features an adhesive backing so that the user can adhere the tape to a surface. Depending upon you application and surface area the product will be adhered to, there are many different types of adhesives to choose from. Customers can purchase stick back tape in hook form or loop form. Click here to view the best selling adhesive back hook and loop products.

·         Sew on, hook loop tape is intended to be sewn onto another object or material. Common applications are apparel, tradeshow displays and industrial applications like automotive or aviation seating. Customers can purchase sew-on tape in hook form or loop form. View the best selling sew on tapes.

·         Back-to-back, hook loop material consists of two components: a "hook" side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny hooks, and a "loop" side, which is covered with even smaller and "hairier" loops. Speedtech began working with back-to-back materials in 1993.

Speedtech has been specializing in Velcro’s ONE-WRAP® material since its introduction. The material is manufactured by Velcro USA, using a patented process. 

When Speedtech’s customers require a higher-quality product, or they are reselling products to their industrial customers, they purchase industrial grade Speedwrap® or ONE-WRAP® Velcro ties. On the other hand, when pricing is the main consideration, alternative materials are available as well as the new, Speedwrap economy material.

Speedtech is large enough to meet your production needs, yet small enough to appreciate every order. Our client list ranges from fortune 500 Corporations, National Retailers, to home users, electricians and repair shops. After 16 years working exclusively with hook & loop fasteners, servicing some of the largest MRO, Telecom, Datacom and electrical distributors; Speedtech is well positioned to serve your unique needs and we invite you contact us today to learn more.
No matter what applications you may have a need hook and loop products for, Speedtech provides the exact product you require. Cinch straps, cable ties, tape, wraps and rolls are at your disposal to execute tasks and organization. Regardless of whatever tool you require, you can be confidant that you are utilizing a instrument that will stand the test of time even in the harshest of environments.

We maintain a healthy stock of VELCRO® and Speedwrap® hook and loop fasteners. Items that are in stock are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS. Overnight and International shipping is also available; please contact us for a quote.



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