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Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop products

Quick Summary

·      Definition of hook & loop
·      Hook & loop product categories
o     adhesive- backed (sticky back) tape
o     sew-on tape
o     back-to-back material. 
·     There are many brand and raw material options including
o     Velcro’s ONE-WRAP®,
o     new lighter weight QT™ and Speedwrap economy material and the
o     Speedwrap® line of hook & loop cable management products
·      A complete history of hook & loop is also located on the site.
Purchasing hook & loop?
·         Speedtech’s factory has been exclusively manufacturing hook & loop products, custom fabricating and custom printing on hook & loop since 1994. 
·         Speedtech’s product line features one of the industry’s best selections of hook & loop including many stocked items.
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Our niche is creating hook & loop products for routing, securing or bundling your cords, cables and wires. Learn about applications.



Complete Information:

Speedtech International’s factory has been exclusively manufacturing hook & loop fasteners since 1994. Speedtech’s product line features one of the industry’s widest offering of Velcro®, Speedwrap® and custom hook & loop products.

The term “Velcro” is often used in place of the term hook & loop however, VELCRO® is actually a brand name. Hook & loop consists of two components: a "hook" side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny hooks, and a "loop" side, which is covered with even smaller and "hairier" loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and hold the pieces together. When the layers are separated, the strips make a characteristic "ripping" sound.

There are variations on the standard Velcro hook and loop fasteners: for example, a strip of material with hooks and loops on both sides.  (See the Speedwrap®  DIA for an example).

Read the full History of Hook & Loop.

Learn about different types of hook & loop

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