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Industrial Velcro

industrial velcro

Industrial velcro: quick summary:

·         The term Velcro is used to refer to hook and loop fasteners and VELCRO® is a trademarked brand.
·         Industrial velcro refers to industrial grade, hook and loop material.
         Examples: Speedtech’s Speedwrap® industrial grade products and Velcro® brand ONE-WRAP®
·         Buying industrial velcro
o       There are major differences from one manufacturer to another and from one material to the other, including:
         Raw Material
         Finished Product Shape/design/Features
o       Contact Speedtech’s sales engineers for help identifying the appropriate hook and loop material and finished product design for your application.
o       Where is the best place to buy industrial Velcro?
·         Looking for a custom industrial VELCRO® fastening solution?

 Industrial velcro: complete information:

Speedtech has been fabricating from hook and loop for over 15 years!  Specializing in industrial velcro (industrial grade hook and loop), the vast majority of Speedtech's distributors insist on this higher grade material. 
The word ‘velcro’ is a generic term for hook and loop and VELCRO® brand is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V. Industrial velcro really means, industrial grade, hook and loop materials and the industrial grade products fabricated from them. The industry also refers to certain hook and loop product designs as industrial grade.  Speedwrap standard ties are an example of a product that is manufactured from industrial velcro and also has an industrial design.
Speedtech offers ready to ship industrial hook and loop products with no minimum order- order now!
When looking for industrial Velcro, there are major differences from one manufacturer to another and from one material to the other. These differences include:
1.      Material
2.      Shape/design
Industrial Velcro material is raw material that is constructed so that it will stand the test of time and not cause the product to fail in its application. MRO, telecommunications, construction, entertainment, marine and outdoor users prefer products made from this higher-grade raw material. An example of an industrial grade material is Velcro USA’s ONE-WRAP®. Using a patented process, the ONE-WRAP® material is produced hook and loop components to one another, back-to-back, without the use of adhesives. Alternatively, many lower cost imports, utilize a cheaper material where the hook side is married to the loop side, using adhesives. For many applications, quality matters and users do not want the material to ‘de-laminate’ over time. De-lamination occurs when the adhesive fails and the hook material separates from the loop material. When quality matters, Speedtech’s customers purchase higher grade, ONE-WRAP® or Speedwrap® branded, industrial velcro products.
Shape and design can also factor into whether a hook and loop product deserves the ‘industrial’ designation. For example,Velcro’s ONE-WRAP® cable tie designs (shape) typically differ from the Speedwrap® line of ties and wraps. Most notably, nearly all of Velcro ONE WRAP® branded ties are sold end-to-end and on a reel. This put-up means the ties (straps or wraps) are packaged on a reel. The tail section of one tie is connected to the head of the next tie on that reel. The users pull off a tie, one-by-one, as needed. Many customers do not care for this design as the head shape is minimized resulting in less surface area for the product to adhere to as well as the hassle of dealing with a reel.   For this reason, Speedtech’s customer consider the Speedwrap® design to be an industrial Velcro design.
Speedtech’s sales engineers can help you identify the best hook and loop material for your application and help you to value-engineer your final product.
Our line of Velcro ONE-WRAP® products includes ties, tape, straps as well as a full range of back-to-back, hook and loop cable management products.
We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our Velcro ONE-WRAP® products as well as custom manufacturing and packaging capabilities.
Looking for a custom, industrial VELCRO®, Speedwrap® or other hook and loop fastening solutions? Speedtech’s design team is standing by to walk you through the steps, from conception to production. Our experienced staff will not only recommend the raw material options and design features, but will help to value engineer your project.
Speedtech has a large stock of VELCRO® brand and Speedwrap® brand products. Orders received by 7:00 pm CST, and for products that are in stock are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS.  Overnight and International shipping are also available; please contact us for a quote.
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