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After 15 years of manufacturing hook and loop fasteners, The Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech know Velcro® Wraps!
The proper terminology for 'velcro wraps' is actually, VELCRO® Brand Wraps.  VELCRO® Brand Wraps are made from a unique & patented raw material called ONE-WRAP®.  Due to their head size and shape, ONE-WRAP® VELCRO WRAPS feature a slightly different design than SPEEDWRAP® Brand Wraps .   ONE-WRAP® velcro wraps are typically sold, end-to-end, on a reel, whereas SPEEDWRAP® wraps are are sold 'nested' (side-by-side) and shipped in bags.

What brand hook and loop tie should you buy or sell? View the SPEEDWRAP® VS VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® page.

Wrap, Tie or Strap?
Customers use these terms interchangeably.  Both SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand Fasteners can be wrapped around an object and then back onto themselves for a secure hold.  A Tie usually has the same shape as a nylon cable tie, whereas a 'strap' usually looks like a cinch strap.  A 'wrap' can be either a 'tie' or a 'strap'.

Confused, then let us help you select the perfect velcro wrap for your application.  To get started, choose from the following product categories.


Anywhere you need a flexible wrap that is easy to use and is reusable- a velcro wrap is perfect.
Velcro® wraps are frequently used in MRO, Automotive, Recreation, Telecommunications, Construction and Medical and many other applications. The quality material works well in these industries because their is no adhesive keeping the hook and loop together. The lack of adhesives prevents the wrap from de-laminating over time (where the hook separates from the loop).

VELCRO Wraps are equivalent to SPEEDWRAP® wraps, learn more.


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