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Speedwrap® Suspender Strap
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Quick Summary:

Speedtech’s new SUSPENDER STRAPS™ are designed to hang wires, cables or hoses to almost any object using the product’s industrial grade strap and metal carabineer. The suspender strap includes a metal carabineer clip as well as an industrial grade hook and loop strap that includes an ‘easy pull’ tab. As the product’s name implies, this unique SPEEDWRAP® hook and loop strap is ideal for hanging or ‘suspending’ wires, cables or hoses. Industrial applications include hanging air hoses from ceiling pipes, enabling a quick disconnect of water hoses on a pier and horizontally routing wires and cables from ceiling rafters. There are also numerous professional and around-the-home applications including; carrying audio/video cables from your waist belt, hanging bundled extension cords in the garage, and securing power lines and water hoses around RV’s and Yachts.


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Complete Information:

To use the new SPEEDWRAP® SUSPENDER STRAPS™, simply wrap the industrial grade hook and loop strap around an object and close the strap onto itself. Using the carabineer clip, attach virtually any object for a secure hold. This reusable fastening solution enables users to easily add or remove wires, cables or hoses from to their existing, pre-hung position, by simply opening up the carabineer’s latch. Alternatively, the entire suspender strap can be moved by using the easy-pull tab to open the hook and loop fastener, moving the strap and clip and then reattaching the product in a different location.

The new SPEEDWRAP® SUSPENDER STRAPS™ are gentle on wires and cables, reusable and allow users to mount the cinch straps and the objects or wires fastened to them, to almost any object. SPEEDWRAP® is considered the ‘industrial grade’ hook and loop fastener line and a brand of choice for electricians, professional installers and integrators. Speedtech’s SPEEDWRAP® suspender straps are made in the USA, in Racine, Wisconsin at Speedtech’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified factory.

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