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VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie

velcro cable tie

VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie: Quick Summary:

What is a VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie?
•    While the term ‘velcro cable tie’ is commonly used, the proper term is actually hook and loop cable tie.
•    A VELCRO® Brand cable tie wraps around wires, cables and objects and then back onto themselves for a secure hold. Because a VELCRO® Brand cable tie is made using soft and flexible, hook and loop materials, they are gentle on cables. This characteristic is what makes them such a popular choice for securing CAT-5 cables and fiber optic wiring. VELCRO® Brand cable ties have grown in popularity in part because they are reusable and so easy to use.
•    The top selling VELCRO® Brand cable ties are our Standard velcro-style Cable ties , cinch straps and  the new economy ties
•    The top selling velcro cable tie brands are the Speedwrap® and ONE-WRAP® brands.

Speedtech: Pioneering the hook and loop Cable Tie..
•    No one specializes in the VELCRO® Brand cable tie to the degree and focus that Speedtech does. We are a pioneer of the VELCRO® Brand cable tie management product category.
•    Speedtech International is a premier distributor of Velcro® Brand cable tie, manufacturer of the Speedwrap® line of hook and loop straps and a full service custom fabricator. In fact, we have so many VELCRO® Brand cable tie options to choose from that we created a website dedicated them called To learn more about why we are the leader in the velcro cable tie, click here.

A Specialty VELCRO® Brand cable tie.
•    Unlike some re-sellers who have a room setup in the back of their warehouse, Speedtech has an entire factory dedicated to the manufacturing of VELCRO® Brand cable ties, straps and tape!  This keeps your prices down, as we are able to keep the entire process "in-house". From design, to customization, to manufacturing, packaging and shipping; Speedtech is the only place you need to go for cable ties. Let us guide you through everything from material selection, design and performance considerations to final packaging.

SPEEDWRAP® VS VELCRO® ONE-WRAP™ brand Cable Ties- learn more in this short video.


VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie: Complete Information

You are familiar with nylon cable ties. Made from plastic and usually sold in natural coloring, a nylon tie is one of the cheapest solutions for bundling wires and objects. While there many reasons for nylon cable tie’s popularity, including their price, many customers want a more flexible tie, one that is gentler on wires and is easier to use and reuse.  Enter the VELCRO® Brand cable tie!

Steve Pope, Vice President of Speedtech International, located in Racine, Wisconsin states, “In the early 90’s I worked for a plastic company and cable tie manufacturer. We sold millions of nylon cable ties to OEM’s, resellers and retail stores. Unfortunately, most customers were less concerned with the quality of a nylon tie and more interested in price. This is in large part due to the fact that you can buy bags of ties for pennies a piece, so if one breaks the customer just tosses it out and grabs another one. During this time we began offering customers the newly introduced VELCRO® Brand cable tie (velcro style ties). Customers loved the reusability and ease of use of the VELCRO® Brand cable tie.  I was a happy salesman, as I could begin selling customers on the features and benefits of the product, discuss applications, the tie's quality design and no longer just sell based on price.”

VELCRO® Brand cable ties grew in popularity since the 90’s and are now sold in most hardware and home centers, office supply stores, music stores, marine distributors and so many other outlets. The products have also advanced with the introduction of new materials designs and specifications.  Steve adds, “For example, we work with many datacom, telecom and electrical distributors and installers who need flame retardant VELCRO® Brand cable ties as well as plenum rated ones. We now offer these in cranberry color to help inspectors identify during inspection that these ties are in fact of the proper material specs.”  OEM's, Distributors and many resellers want to sell industrial grade VELCRO® Brand products so that they last longer and their customers appreciate the quality product. There are differences between manufacturers and brands so we invite you to research the category.

Speedtech International is a leading manufacturer of the VELCRO® Brand cable ties, the company behind the popular Speedwrap® line of hook and loop ties and a leading custom fabricator.  Speedtech is also a Premeir Distributor of Velcro® brand velcro cable ties.

When you are looking for VELCRO® Brand cable ties, you can buy  cable ties that are manufactured by Velcro USA and their companies and then sold by Speedtech and other Distributors or you can purchase alternative brands like the popular Speedwrap® brand of velcro cable ties.  A one-stop-shop- Speedtech manufactures or distributes the top selling velcro cable ties, click here to see the full line.

Types of VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties

The VELCRO® Brand cable tie comes in two styles: (1) back-to-back, hook and loop ties and (2) cinching ties. 

A Back-to-back, VELCRO® Brand cable tie is made using hook on one side and loops on the other side.  When wrapped around an object, the velcro tie can then be adhered to itself for a secure hold.   Speedtech has one of the industry’s most comprehensive product lines of velcro cable ties.

The cinching VELCRO® Brand cable tie (often called a cinch strap) enables the tie to ‘cinch’ down on an object or bundle of wires and cables.  Cinching ties have hook and loop sections on the same side of the velcro cable tie

What is the best type of Velcro tie for your application?

VELCRO® Brand cable ties function differently depending upon their shape, design and style.

1.    Back-to-back, velcro ties have hook on one side, loop on the other.  This design allows the user to wrap the tie around an object or wires and then lap the remaining portion of the tie back onto itself for a secure hold.  Our best selling example of this type of velcro cable tie is the Speedwrap® standard hook and loop tie.

 For the complete line of back-to-back, hook and loop ties (velcro cable ties) click here.

2.    Cinch Straps have buckles on them that enhance the ties ability to be ‘cinched’ down on an object or bundle of wires for a tighter hold.  On the cinch tie, the strap sections goes through the buckle, the remainder of the material gets pulled around the buckle and can then be attached to the same side of the material.  This allows the manufacturer to use different materials or to weld or sew materials together.  Because of the cinch tie’s functionality, they are quite popular.  Speedtech’s best seller is the SWD.75X18, which is available for immediate online purchase by clicking here

For the complete line of cinch ties,  click here.

SPEEDWRAP® VS VELCRO® ONE-WRAP™ brand Cable Ties, what’s best for you?


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