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Velcro Cable Ties

velcro cable ties

Velcro Cable Ties: Quick Summary:

What are velcro cable ties?

•    Velcro cable ties wrap around wires, cables and objects and then back onto themselves for a secure hold. Because the ties are made using soft and flexible, hook and loop materials, they are gentle on cables.  This characteristic is what makes them such a popular choice for securing CAT-5 cables and fiber optic wiring and with other applications. Velcro cable ties have grown in popularity in part because they are reusable and so easy to use.
•    The top selling velcro cable ties are our Standard velcro-style Cable ties , cinch straps and  the new economy ties
•    The top selling cable tie brands are the Speedwrap® and ONE-WRAP® brands.

The best source for velcro cable ties:
•    No one specializes in velcro cable ties to the degree and focus that Speedtech does.  We are a pioneer of the velcro cable management product category.
•    Speedtech International is a  manufacturer of the Speedwrap® line of hook and loop straps, a full service custom fabricator and a Premier Distributor of Velcro® brand cable ties. We offer so many ties to choose from that we created a website dedicated them called

Learn more about why we are the leader in the velcro cable ties.

Need a specialty or custom-made cable tie?
•    Speedtech has an entire factory dedicated to the manufacturing of velcro cable ties, straps and tape!  Let us guide you through everything from material selection, design and performance considerations to final packaging.

What brand hook and loop tie should I buy or sell?  Learn more, short video.


Velcro Cable Ties: Complete Information:

To learn about the different materials, styles and detailed information, visit this page.

View our complete line of ties and straps.

Velcro Cable Ties are an extremely popular cable management product.  Introduced in the early 90's, they have grown in popularity every since.  Velcro cable ties are used by large OEM's, sold by leading Distributors and are on the shelves of National retail stores.  Speedtech was instrumental in the developmental of the velcro cable tie offering, by designing and fabricating some of the first ties.  Some twenty years later, Speedtech continues to develop new designs and improve its velcro cable tie offering. 

Steve Pope, Vice President of Speedtech comments, "One of the fun things about our company, is the ability to work with everyone from home owners, do-it-yourselfers, outdoor recreation users to large OEM's and National Distributors.  For example, a conversation with an electrician might lead us to a new product design that we can later introduce to a hardware and home center for inclusion in their electrical aisles. The users are the ones that improve the products and keep us on our toes."

Speedtech's customers range from home owners who use ties to organize the cables behind their stereo or desk, to musicians for their studios, installer networks for organizing data-closets, to marine distributors and more.  Speedtech's President, Chris Karnowski adds, "Working with a diverse network of customers and distributors helps us broaden our contact with end users which in turn fuels our product development.  Of course it doesn't hurt to work with multiple industries as they all have their ups and downs and being diverse stabilizes the company."

"The reusability of velcro cable ties is a big reason for their popularity." adds Pope.  Steve goes on to say, "The natural competitor to the velcro cable tie is the nylon cable tie.  Most nylon ties are not reusable however and even the ones that are reusable, require the user to stick their fingernail or a sharp tool into the 'tang' of the tie's head to open the tie.  Opening those nylon ties is almost so time consuming that its easier just to cut them off and replace them.  As you can imagine, fiber and data-com installers and electricians don't want to stick sharp objects next to to their expensive cables, just to pry off a tie.  Now do that process over-and-over again!  I'd rather use a slightly more expensive velcro cable tie and future proof the project."

The applications for velcro cable ties are diverse. Equally effective in wet and dry environments, our products are durable and hardy. We invite you to learn more by viewing products by application.






The landscape of distributors reselling Velcro Cable Ties is crowded.  We maintain a healthy stock of VELCRO® and Speedwrap® Velcro cable ties. Orders received by 7:00 PM CST for product in stock, are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS.  Overnight and International shipping are also available; please contact us for a quote.

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