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Velcro Hook

velcro hook

Velcro Hook: Quick Summary

Hook & loop and the term ‘velcro’ are used interchangeably when referring to hook and loop material and the products fabricated from it. 

·      Velcro hook refers to the material with tiny hooks along its surface that when pressed against loop material, creates a bond.
·      Velcro hook tape is a roll or reel of hook material that can be cut-to-length and used in a variety of different applications. 
·      There are several different types of velcro hook & loop materials that have different shear and peel strengths and different reuse potential. 
·      Velcro Hook Tape Categories
o     adhesive- backed (sticky back) tape = hook or loop material with adhesive backing. There are many material and adhesive options.
o     sew-on tape= hook or loop material with no adhesive backing and ideal for sewing onto another substrate or material.
o     back-to-back tape = hook married to loop, back-to-back, so the tape can be wrapped around an object, lapped onto itself for a secure hold.

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·      Expert Advice: We are here to help you navigate through the different brand and raw material options, including:
o     Velcro’s ONE-WRAP®,
o     The new Speedwrap® Economy Tape material
o     Speedwrap® line of hook & loop cable management products
Speak to a Vel-Pert™ to ensure you get the right material for your application.






Velcro Hook: Complete Information


What is velcro hook and is there only one type? 

Ok, while ironic, last night I spent 15 minutes removing burs from the outside of my Springer Spaniel's ears.  He had run through the woods and burs, with their rigid ends, grabbed ahold of my dog's soft, furry ears.  Put simply, the burs, with their rigid edges, are like velcro hooks and my dog's ears, with their soft fur, are more like velcro loop.  A true story but ironic, as a dog is part of the history of hook & loop.


Ok, so now you can picture what velcro hook look like, but are there really any differences in velcro hook materials?  Yes, there are dramatic differences in the types of velcro hook materials.  For example, one of the most popular styles of velcro hook materials is one where the tiny velcro hooks are shaped like candy canes.  These hooks engage on velcro loop material.  Depending upon the number of hooks per square inch and the construction of the hooks, different results can be acheived. 


Another example of a velcro hook style are those that are shaped like mushrooms where both sides of the hook's tips bend out on both sides.  This hook style provides a strong hold but performs differently from candy-cane shaped hooks. 


Again, the construction of the hooks, their density per square inch and other factors influence a tape's performance.   Customers can achieve different shear and peal values as well as re-usability yields depending on the type of velcro hook they use.  And for each type of velcro hook, their are different types of velcro loop materials that can be matted to them.  Selecting the right type of velcro hook for an application and the loop it will adhere to, is as much an art as it is a science. Speak to a Vel-Pert™ to ensure you find the right material for your application.


Speedtech International’s factory has been exclusively manufacturing hook & loop products, including velcro hook materials, since 1994. We are also a premier Distributor of Velcro® brand products.


We maintain a healthy stock of VELCRO® and Speedwrap® hook and loop fasteners. We can handle large order amounts and can provide custom imprinting for brand purposes. If you have question about which velcro hook would best serve your commercial or personal needs, our Vel-Perts are here to pick the right velcro hook for the right application. Items that are in stock are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS.  Overnight and International shipping is also available; please contact us for a quote.

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