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Velcro Loop

velcro loop

Velcro Loop: Quick Summary:

Hook & loop and the term ‘velcro’ are used interchangeably when referring to hook and loop material and the products fabricated from it. 
·      Velcro loop refers to the material with tiny loops along its surface that when pressed against hook material, creates a bond.
·      Velcro loop tape is a roll or reel of loop material that can be cut-to-length and used in a variety of different applications. 
·      There are several different types of velcro loop materials that have different shear and peel strengths.
·      These tapes can be used to organize items, mount objects to various surfaces or to fasten surfaces together.
·      Tape product categories
o    adhesive- backed (sticky back) tape = hook or loop material with adhesive backing. There are many material and adhesive options.
o    sew-on tape= hook or loop material with no adhesive backing and ideal for sewing onto another substrate or material.
o    back-to-back tape = hook married to loop, back-to-back, so the tape can be wrapped around an object, lapped onto itself for a secure hold.
      There are major differences with back-to-back materials and the manufacturing techniques that affect the performance of this type of tape. 
·      Tape Lengths. These tapes are sold as rolls (15 feet and shorter) or reels (longer than 15 feet) of hook or loop, or with hook and loop on the same roll/reel or as a back-to-back tape. View our entire line of tapes.
·      Expert Advice: We are here to help you navigate through the different brand and raw material options, including:
o     Velcro’s ONE-WRAP®,
o     The new Speedwrap® Economy Tape material
o     Speedwrap® line of hook & loop cable management products
·      A complete history of hook & loop is also located on the site.

Are you looking to buy velcro loop?

·         Speedtech’s product line features one of the industry’s best selection of Velcro®, Speedwrap® and custom velcro loop products including some ready-to ship solutions.
·         Speedtech is considered an expert in hook and loop materials, manufacturing, packaging of velcro products and custom fabricating. 




Velcro Loop: Complete Information:

Velcro loop tape is sold on a reel and cut-to-length for your application or the material is fabricated into usable shapes for your application.  A velcro loop material is the softer, fuzzier material that is softer to the touch than the more rigid, velcro hook material.  There are several different types of velcro loop materials, each with their own unique elements that affect their performance and what applications they are best suited for.

Once a loop material is selected, then selecting the right type of velcro hook material is critical. There are different considerations for each type of application. As an example, when we speak to customers, often we have discussions to determine whether you you want the finished product to be extremely strong in "shear value" (how tightly it holds) or whether the ease of pealing open is more important.  How many times do you want the product to be open, closed and re-used over its lifespan? 

For example, an automotive or aviation application may have shear strength as the most important factor when selecting a velcro loop and hook to mate to it.  In this case, we may start the conversation by looking at our Super Duty Tape with a foam backing material for sound and vibration suppression.  This velcro loop tape has an extremely aggressive hook that is perfect for many permanent to semi-permanent applications.

Most medical customers are looking for a softer velcro loop that can be sewn to a medical brace.  Additionally, the peal factory is important as with many injuries, the patient does not have the strength or grip to be able to pull apart more aggressive hook and loop materials.

Find Out Which Velcro Loop Is Best For You! Ask A Vel-Pert™!

For each application there are different velcro loop and mating velcro hook materials that can be considered.  Customers can achieve different shear and peal values as well as re-usability yields depending on the type of velcro hook they use.  And for each type of velcro hook, their are different types of velcro loop materials that can be matted to them.  Selecting the right type of velcro hook for an application and the loop it will adhere to, is as much an art as it is a science. Speak to a Vel-Pert™ to ensure you find the right material for your application. Their extensive experience selecting the right velcro loop for the right job allows you to order your velcro loop confidently. Some of our customers are buying for entire manufacturing plants, and are buying in bulk. Imagine if the velcro loop was delivered and discovered not to be durable enough or have the right shear value? Our Vel-Perts™ eliminate this possibility from occuring. You can order without fear!

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