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VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP: Quick Summary


·  Manufactured by Velcro Industries B.V.      
·  Hook and loop materials are constructed without the use of adhesives.
· Material will not delaminate (hook will not separate from loop)
· ONE-WRAP® is a patented material that is used to fabricate several types of fasteners.
·  The Speedwrap® line of ties, tape and straps are equivalent.
·  Buy ONE-WRAP® ties, straps and tape with no minimum order quantity now- Buy online
What brand tie should you buy or sell? Learn more with the SPEEDWRAP® VS VELCRO® ONE-WRAP™ brand Cable Tie Video.


VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP: Complete Information:

VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® material or alternatives; what’s best for you?

Speedtech has worked with and fabricated from Velcro’s ONE-WRAP® material since its introduction. In fact, Speedtech is considered the pioneer of wire and cable management solutions using hook and loop.  Fifteen years later, Speedtech is still dedicated to hook and loop fabrication and its engineers are standing by to walk you through material and application considerations.
ONE-WRAP® material is manufactured by Velcro USA, using a patented process. Velcro ONE-WRAP® is a unique back-to-back, hook and loop material, featuring hook laminate and loop laminate that are married together without the use of adhesives. By eliminating the use of adhesives to construct these two components, the finished material is less likely to ‘de-laminate’ over time (when the hook separates from the loop). Some alternative and lower cost imports utilize a cheaper material where the hook side is married to the loop side using adhesives and these materials may be unacceptable for many applications.  Find out which type of materials is right for your application.
When Speedtech’s customers require a higher-quality product, or are reselling products to their industrial customers, they purchase industrial grade Speedwrap® or ONE-WRAP®. Conversely, when pricing is paramount, alternative materials are available as well as the new, lower cost QT material. It’s amazingly strong, but light weight and has a very low profile. Speedtech’s sales staff is standing by to value engineer your final product- contact us today.
Velcro Industries manufacturers a line of hook and loop fasteners including ties, straps and tape made from ONE-WRAP® material. These fasteners are sold by Speedtech International, Inc and Velcro’s platinum Distributors. 
Smaller, user friendly packaged hook and loop items are available for online purchase now!
If you need a custom designed fastener made using ONE-WRAP® material, Speedtech’s design team is standing by to walk you through the steps, from conception to production. Our experienced staff will not only recommend the raw material options and design features, but will help to value engineer your project. While some distributors fabricate in the back of their warehouse, Speedtech has an entire factory dedicated to custom Velcro fabrication. Put our expertise to use on your next product by contacting us today.
There are numerous companies selling VELCRO® branded fasteners as their core or side business. Work with a company that ONLY works with hook and loop and whom specializes in VELCRO® branded products Speedtech has a great inventory of both  VELCRO® and Speedwrap® fasteners; including ties, straps, tape and more.
Orders received by 7:00 pm CST and for products in stock, are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS.  Overnight and International shipping are available. Ready-to-ship items are available for online purchase now or please contact us for a quote.



VELCRO® ONE-WRAP is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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