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Velcro Straps

velcro straps


VELCRO® Brand straps: Brief Summary:

What are VELCRO® Brand straps?

Video- SPEEDWRAP® VS VELCRO® ONE-WRAP™ brand Cable Ties.

• Featuring hook and loop materials, VELCRO® Brand straps are used to wrap around objects, wires or cables and back onto themselves for a secure hold. Based on the straps indended application, there are several material options and construction designs that will affect the VELCRO® Brand straps final performance.  Speaking to a knowledgeable material expert like the Vel-Perts™ at Speedtech is highly recommended.  VELCRO® Brand straps are only limited to one’s imagination. View our products by application.

• The word ‘velcro’ is an example of a generic term and actually refers to a trademark.  The correct term for the product is “hook and loop straps”.  For more information on the term VELCRO® Brand straps.

• Our best sellers are cinch straps, rolls and standard VELCRO® Brand-strap cable ties. The top strap brands are the Speedwrap® and ONE-WRAP® brands.

Why do companies large and small turn to Speedtech for VELCRO® Brand straps? 

•  No one specializes in VELCRO® Brand straps to the size, degree and focus that Speedtech does. For more information about Speedtech.

•    Speedtech International is a manufacturer of the Speedwrap® line of VELCRO® Brand straps and a Premier Distributor of Velcro® brand straps, and a custom fabricator.

•    We offer a wide array of VELCRO® Brand straps for sale online at,

Need a specialty strap designed for your application?

Let the Vel-Perts™ walk you through material selection, design and performance considerations and final packaging. View complete custom strap information.




VELCRO® Brand straps: Complete Information:

 And now for something more interesting:
We (the Vel-Perts™) at Speedtech, are using VELCRO® Brand straps on our watercraft.  Notice we said watercraft and not ‘yachts’ (we can only wish). We have found the marine applications for VELCRO® Brand straps to be almost limitless.  Steve is using larger cinching style straps on his jet ski.  “I prefer the soft VELCRO® Brand straps across the soft rubber material on my handlebars than a harsher ratchet strap.  I place the loop section of the strap facing down so that it does not scuff my jet ski,” says Steve.  We also find that these VELCRO® Brand straps and ties are great for securing life vests and other items to a trailer.  They are fast and easy to apply and remove.  Surprisingly, the VELCRO® Brand straps hold up quite well under the harsh outdoor applications.   “While we don’t give a UV rating for our Speedwrap® line of VELCRO® Brand straps, the materials due surprisingly well under the sun and even with saltwater exposure,” said Chris Karnowski of Speedtech.

Do you have an interesting photo of velcro straps on your watercraft, sailboat or PWC?  We would love to see your velcro straps photos and hear stories about your uses of hook and loop, including marine applications and more.

Speedtech International is a manufacturer of the Speedwrap® line of hook and loop straps, a Premier Distributor of Velcro® brand straps, and a custom fabricator. In fact, we offer so many VELCRO® Brand straps that we created a website dedicated just to VELCRO® Brand straps called

The word ‘velcro’ is a generic term for hook and loop- learn more about VELCRO® Brand straps
Speedtech manufactures and distributes the top selling VELCRO® Brand straps, view the full line.

Have your company name, logo or contact information printed on VELCRO® Brand straps.  Speedtech offers the industry’s highest quality, velcro printing.  Printing on VELCRO® Brand straps is offered by many suppliers but the quality of the printing varies widely.  We invite you to view samples and learn more about custom printing on VELCRO® Brand straps.

There are various categories of VELCRO® Brand straps, including: (1) back-to-back style, hook and loop straps, (2) VELCRO® Brand cinch straps and (3) straps with hook and loop along the same surface area (DIA).  View our complete guide on how to choose the right the VELCRO® Brand straps.

Speedtech maintains a healthy stock of VELCRO® Brand straps and Speedwrap® VELCRO® Brand straps. Items that are in stock are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS.  Next day and International shipping are also available; please contact us for a quote.


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