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Velcro Tie

velcro tie

Velcro Tie: Brief Summary:

velcro tie key points:

•    A velcro tie wraps around wires, cables and objects and then back onto itself for a secure hold. Because a velcro tie is made from soft and flexible, hook and loop materials, they are gentle on cables; making them such a popular choice for securing CAT-5 cables and fiber optic wiring and with other applications.  A velcro tie is easy to use and reusable.
•    Most popular velcro tie styles are Standard velcro-style Cable ties , cinch straps and  the new economy ties
•    Most popular velcro tie brands are the Speedwrap® and ONE-WRAP® brands.

Why is Speedtech the leading velcro tie Manufacturer and Distributor?
·      No one specializes in velcro ties like Speedtech does. We remain the pioneer of velcro cable management as product category.
·      Speedtech is a Premier Distributor of Velcro® brand cable ties, manufacturer of the Speedwrap® line of hook and loop straps and a full service custom fabricator. In fact, we have so many velcro ties to choose from that we created a website dedicated just to straps called Learn more about why we are the leader in velcro ties.

Design your own velcro tie
•   Let our design team manufacture your velcro tie, strap or tape!  We're standing by to guide you through everything from material selection, design and performance considerations to final packaging.

What's the best branded tie for me to buy or sell?  Learn more with the SPEEDWRAP® VS VELCRO® ONE-WRAP™ brand Cable Tie video.

Velcro Printing- Have your name, logo or contact information imprinted on your velcro tie.


Velcro Tie: Complete Information:

We love the velcro tie. Our customers refer to the product as a Standard velcro-style Cable Tie. However, we refer to a velcro tie as a hook and loop tie because actually 'velcro' is a registered trademark and the property of Velcro USA. 
You can use a velcro tie almost anywhere!  "I use them on in and around my RV and campsite," says Tom Anderson of Basalt, Colorado.  Tom goes on to say, "My recreational home is filled with extra stuff and when I go camping I always over prepare.  I have fly-fishing poles, bikes, a runner stroller for my newborn, tent poles, cables, wires and much much more."  Tom uses a velcro tie on just about all of those items.  Whether is holding his fishing poles in place while driving, bundling his mooring lines, strapping bikes down on their rack to wrapping up power cords on kitchen items- they all have a velcro tie.  To learn more about using a velcro tie in your campsite or in your RV, view our applications pages.
There are so many variations in materials and designs for what is considered a standard velcro tie, that we encourage you to contact us to learn more on how to select the right tie for your application.
The word ‘velcro’ is a generic term for hook and loop, as well as the name of a manufacturing company, Velcro USA, located in New Hampshire, who produce the velcro tie.
Customers use the term, ‘velcro tie’ generically, to refer to fasteners that are otherwise known as hook and loop ties. So when you are looking for a hook and loop tie, you can buy a branded Velcro® tie, manufactured by Velcro USA or you can purchase alternative brands. You have come to the right place for your velcro tie, as Speedtech manufactures and distributes the top selling velcro tie products, click here to see the full line.
There are various categories of the velcro tie: (1) back-to-back type of velcro tie and (2) the cinching style (cinch Strap) of the vvelcro tie. There are different materials that affect the velcro tie performance!


Our #1 tie is available for sale online.
 Speedtech maintains a great inventory of VELCRO®. Orders received by 7:00 PM CST for items that are in stock are shipped next day by 3:30 pm Central Time using UPS.  Overnight and International shipping are also available; please contact us for a quote.


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