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Velcro Ties

velcro ties


Velcro Ties: Brief Summary:

What are Velcro Ties?
·      Velcro ties are otherwise known as hook and loop ties.
·      The top selling style and branded velcro ties are Cinch Straps and Standard Cable Ties and straps in the Speedwrap® and Velcro ONE-WRAP® brands.
·      For complete information visit our Velcro Cable Ties Page.
·      Because they are gentle on wires and cannot be over-cinched, velcro ties are considered the ultimate reusable ties.
·      Our # 1 selling velcro type tie is offered for sale online and ready to ship! Or view the full line of velcro tie products
Where to buy velcro ties?
·      All we do is hook and loop! When it comes to hook and loop, shouldn't you buy your velcro ties, straps and tape from a specialist rather than a reseller?   Learn more about Speedtech
·      There are so many velcro ties to choose from that we created a website called
Have a print or design for a specialty velcro tie?
·      Our factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of velcro ties, tape and staps and velcro printingContact us today for custom velcro ties


velcro ties: Complete Information:


Customers use the term, ‘velcro ties’ generically, to refer to several types of fasteners that are otherwise known as hook and loop ties. So when you are looking for hook and loop ties, you can buy velcro ties, manufactured by Velcro USA, and sold by Speedtech or other Velcro distributors or you can purchase alternative brands. Speedtech manufactures and distributes the top selling Velcro tie products, click here to see the full line.
"When it comes to velcro ties," says Chris Karnowski, President of Speedtech International, "we may be considered the certifiably insane.  The vast majority of our factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of velcro ties, my home is filled with them, I send them out as Holiday gifts and sometimes I even dream about new applications for them." 
Chris goes on to say that he has been using tons of velcro ties in his garage.  "I wrap up all my extension cords with velcro ties.  I bundle industrial light bulbs with velcro ties, secure items in the trunk of my car with them an even secure sports equipment against the garage wall with them." 
Velcro ties are easy to use and are reusable, which makes them so popular in so many different applicationsSpeedtech offers a way to view where velcro ties are used.
There are various categories of velcro ties and material influences the tie's performance.  We invite you to learn more about velcro ties
Do you need custom-made velcro ties? Contact us today for custom velcro ties


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